Some claim to be Green, how many can actually say they are?

At G. Greene Construction, we understand the importance of making sustainable design and green building an integral part of our business. We understand the responsibility we have to maintain environmentally, sustainable construction practices. As the ethical mentality of many of our clients continues to grow, we utilize our knowledge and experience to bring innovative ideas to the table. Our sustainable approach is evident in our construction practices as well as our goal to keep our communities safe and clean.

LEED Certification Experience
G Greene has been involved in the application and submission of numerous projects that have succeeded in the achievement of a variety of certification levels. The key to success with the application and submission of a LEED candidate project is planning and documentation. When a project is planned from inception for certification, achievement is a matter of documenting the implementation of the decisions that are made. Therefore, we have established tracking documents and protocol for recording submittal information and onsite activities. Documentation ranging from taking photos of air quality measures during construction to recording the percentage of FSC lumber on the project are standard procedure on LEED projects. Additionally, we have trained our field personnel to be aware of the LEED points that are being pursued and to take special steps to ensure that the correct guidelines are followed. G. Greene Construction is committed to the fundamental nature of LEED that we have taken the rare step of incorporating many of the guidelines into our non-LEED projects such as paying a premium for the sorting and recycling of our debris dumpster to maintaining air quality through the use of HEPA Air Scrubber. We are committed to building our projects in the sustainable practices encouraged by the LEED program and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for the trades people and future users.

The Scoop:

"I wanted to thank you for the outstanding work you did coordinating with our Longwood Medical Institutions during the blizzard that just passed through Boston.  The cooperation we enjoyed during the storm kept the area open for crucial access to our member institutions and we very much appreciate the hard work you and the staff at G. Greene Construction did." Marilyn Swartz-Lloyd
 President and Chief Executive Officer
 MASCO, Boston, MA