G. Greene Construction recently completed construction of a state-of-the-art imaging department at MGH West.  This very active department provides a wide range of imaging services that includes CT, MRI, screening and diagnostic mammography, bone densitometry, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and x-ray.  The project was constructed in multiple, consecutive, phases.  The first phase consisted of creating a general waiting/registration area, consultation, interview and reading rooms, imaging rooms, women's health waiting room, changing area and lockers.  During this phase the staff continued to care for patients utilizing their existing waiting/reception room and one imaging suite.  Our team worked diligently to ensure the area was kept isolated from the construction site.  Once Phase 1 was completed and received DPH approval, Phase 2 commenced immediately.  We transformed the existing waiting/reception area into a CT scan and control room.  In order to keep the active imaging suite up and running without interrupting the staff and their patients, our project team worked off-hours.  The Final Phase was the construction of a new MRI scan and control room.  We had to bring the MRI in by removing part of the exterior wall of the building.  A new EIFS Knock Out Wall Panel was created, which will allow for easy access in the future. 

This project was a success due to "Team Work".  Working in collaboration with MGH, Linea 5, and TCI we were able to confront all issues immediately and come up with efficient solutions in order to keep the project on track.  In addition, the Imaging Department Staff were extremely cooperative and helpful throughout construction.  Our team kept them updated on a daily basis, and they were able to plan their operations accordingly.